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A Guide to Start Planning Your Wedding Day

A Guide to Start Planning Your Wedding Day

9 October 2020

We have created an ultimate guide on steps to start planning your dream wedding day, we hope this helps all of you!

1. Set your Wedding Budget Your wedding budget will be the driving factor for most of your wedding decisions, therefore this should be the first thing you decide upon.

2. Potential Wedding Dates

Have a look at yours and your partners schedule and make note of wedding blackout dates. Highlight a few dates that you would like your wedding day to fall upon as when you start planning you want a few in mind when booking your photographer, cake, venue etc… to make sure they are all available on the same day.

3. Create a Series of Pinterest Boards

Before you start booking anything, you need to collect lots of wedding inspiration so you can narrow it down to exactly what you want on your big day. Pull from Instagram, magazines, and bridal websites! This will help the overall look and theme you really want to go for.

4. Get organized

Use checklists, Excel, Word – anything that works for you to keep you organized while trying to plan your wedding. Create a list of priorities and this will help guide the rest of the process. Keep a place for all this information therefore when you plan the rest of the details you can keep it all together. If you can afford a Wedding Planner or Coordinator this will be ideal in helping you put your wedding vision into a reality.

5. Wedding Party and Guests

Most importantly, chose your wedding party as they will help you plan out the rest of your wedding!

The wedding guest list will need to be considered first as it will need to be kept in mind when choosing your wedding venue and idea of how much it is going to cost per head. Plan your wedding guest list tactfully – who you want coming to the day and then the evening.

6. Wedding Venue (and Set Your Date)

Once you’ve decided all of the above its time to pick the perfect wedding venue that fits in with it all. It is recommended that both you and your partner view a variety of difference venues and compromise on the type of venue that will fit the theme you both have chosen. There are plenty of things to be taken into consideration such as catering, parking, accommodation, price etc!

7. Wedding Suppliers and Vendors

Have a look around for different suppliers, get recommendations off the people you booked your wedding venue with; other married couples you know; bridal websites; and local wedding fayres. Make sure they know the vision you want to go with, fit within your budget and you trust them to execute it well. This is everything from photography, entertainment, stationary, transport – and so on.

8. Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomswear This will be probably the most important and exciting… choosing your wedding dress. There are many factors to take into consideration such as the theme you’re going for and the season of your wedding day. Explore as many styles of wedding dresses and places as you can possible before deciding on the ultimate one!

Once you’ve picked your wedding dress, you can then think about the bridesmaid dresses which will compliment your dress and fit into the theme of wedding, along with the groomswear.

9. The Wedding Bands

This will be a great opportunity for you and your other half to spend the day together looking around and picking the perfect wedding bands out for you.

10. Create a Wedding Gift List and Sending RSVP’s Before you send out your wedding invitations you might want to think about creating a wedding gift list and these details can be sent at the same time.

11. Book Your Honeymoon

This will be one of the fun parts as you’ll be planning your dream holiday!

Some people like to plan these on the lead up to your wedding day, but if it does not fit in with your schedule you can always leave it till after the big day.

12. The Finishing Touches

This will be finalising the last details and making sure you have included everything you wanted too. This includes creating the seating plan, last minute wedding décor, speeches, schedule for the day and creating the wedding playlist.

13. Hen and Stag Night This is the last chance before the big day to let go and enjoy yourself with your wedding party!

Happy Wedding Day from all of the team at Mercure Chester Abbots Well! x